What we do


Specializing in deluxe accommodations with customized services and amenities for business travelers, tourists, and vacationing guest’s alike. Our services are matched by hospitable and professional staffs always on the ready to assist customers, and our facilities are complemented by local art designs that reflect the best of human imagination.


Conference Hall

DESALEGN HOTEL has a long and rich presence in our city, the fact that we have been in the business for over 50 years attests our solid commitment towards achieving service excellence. We have built our reputation by simply adhering to the following three fundamental beliefs:

- Service
- Quality
- Affordability

In the pursuit of these beliefs, we have designed state of the art ball room and conference facilities that are ideal to conduct business meetings, seminars, training, cocktail receptions, product launch, graduations, engagement parties, wedding reception and so much more…

Our conference facilities offer among other things world class Audio equipment supported by our professional staffs committed to providing you with the highest level of services ensuring the success of your event from start to finish.


- GETCHE Ball room
- NAPA Meeting Hall
- SONOMA Meeting Hall
- VINTAGE Meeting Hall

What’s in the name?

We named all our conference halls after popular wine growing regions in California, the birth place of many of the fine wine you enjoy in our wine bar. Although we won’t serve you a glass of wine during your tea breaks while conducting your meetings, we will be happy to share a story or two about what inspired us in naming each of our conference facilities.

Total capacity is up to 100 Persons with U-shaped table set ups and 100+ with just chair arrangements. This Venue with its bright and lively wall paints, complimented by bright yet soothing lighting is ideal to conduct staff training, product launch and annual staff meetings

Total capacity is up to 80 Persons with U-shaped table set ups and 80+ persons with just chair arrangements. This venue with its bright and lively wall paints, complimented by bright but soothing lighting is best to conduct group discussions, Q and A sessions and annual staff meetings.

Total capacity is up to 40 Persons with U-shaped table setups. This venue with its bright and lively wall paints, complimented by bright but soothing lighting is simply the epitome of all other meeting venues. With its intimate surroundings, it is ideal to conduct private and important business meetings.

GETCHE GRAND BALL ROOM…..the grandest of all ball rooms….
Imagine a venue that is pleasant and magnificent yet totally price conscious..... Venue at the Getche Grand Ball Room complimented with the Desalegn Hotel experienced banquet staffs is truly an experience to remember. With the total capacity of up to 1200 persons for a sit-down wedding reception, we will deliver a memorable event that is hard to forget.

This grand ball room with its sky high ceilings and columns; decorated with painstakingly handmade gypsum art work; equipped with over 1500 light bulbs that sparkles like a pure summer nights is ideal to host one of the most important days of your life…..YOUR WEDDING!


Fitness Center



At the Desalegn Fitness and Spa, we train our trainers to devote their extensive expertise in the field to providing you with the most personalized service in a friendly and professional atmosphere



With our extensive European and Traditional menu our restaurant is open seven days a week:

12:00 PM - 2:30 PM Lunch
6:00 PM - 10;00 PM Dinner



At the Desalegn Spa you will find impeccable service and an atmosphere of incredible elegance and tranquility, perhaps close to home and work, but certainly distance away from your monotonous daily routine. Every service has been designed to restore calm, encourage well-being, rejuvenate the body and nurture the spirit.



Opens Monday through Saturday from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM

All our branches are ready to serve you with all your needs by providing a world-class luxurious and quality hotel service