Desalegn Hotel


Combining the personality and vision of a local and an independent hotel with the reliability, consistency and attentive service of a major business hotel, Desalegn Hotel keen on redefining the upscale hotel experience while becoming the most successful hotel brand in Addis Ababa

The story began 50 years ago with the recognition that there are customers who seek a balance between value, service, quality and substance in their own daily lives, as in the destinations they choose to stay specially while visiting Addis Ababa. Desalegn hotel embodies this balance especially with our newest collection with a strikingly modern approach to design that is as refreshing, accessible and comfortable as one's own living space, and an emphasis on comfort, warmth, attentive service and exceptional amenities.



As it has been evident the last half century, our vision in the next…. is to relentlessly pursue growth beyond Ethiopia, while keenly pursuing the same for our shareholders, employees and society at large…





Our mission is to focus on our core deliverable...consistent products, impeccable services and value for the money